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Egor Ostrov (born in 1970) is an artist in the third generation. His grandmother, Lia Ostrova - well known academic artist, first taught him how to work with canvas and oil.  From his childhood Egor was surrounded by beauty since he was born and raised in St. Petersburg with all its astonishing architecture, magnificent  palaces, museums and cathedrals. Therefore beauty has become the main principle of his artistic activity.

 After graduating school, he studied at the Leningrad Electro-Technical University and then in the Academy of Fine Arts. One of the most important events that has determined his way was meeting artist and teacher Timur Novikov  and joining his New Academy of Fine Arts in the early 90ties.

After classic artist’s education and then experimenting with different techniques including graphics, photography and gumiarabics, Ostrov has found his unique style that combined everything that defined his vision of the world and arts using classic images and classic instruments such as canvas, oil and acrylics and modern technologic achievements. Egor made his first painting in his now famous raster technique  in 1992 and had his first exhibition in 1994. Being one of the most successful Russian artists of the time, Ostrov had numerous exhibitions in many museums and galleries worldwide.

Egor Ostrov believes in what he sees as his mission – preserving beauty in arts and harmony of the world. Also he often calls himself an ‘engraver’ meaning that he turns one form into another, turning three dimensions into two – like when he takes photos of sun-lit sculptures in Hermitage or Louvre and turns them into paintings. He doesn’t like prints and prefers to use acrylic automobile sprays hoping that  they would live for thousands of years.

Selected Group and Solo Shows

1994 – Achilles. New Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg

1994 – Renessanse and Resistance. State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

1994-1995 – Self-Indetification : Positions in Saint Petersburg art from 1970 until today/

Kiel, Brelin, Oslo, Sopot, Copenhagen, Saint Petersburg.

1996 – Metaphern des Entrucktseins. Aktuelle Kunst aus St. Petersburg.

Badischer Kunstverein/Karlsruher Kunstlerhaus, Karlsruhe

1996 – Egor Ostrov: Paintings. Galerie Rotloff, Karlsruhe

1997 – Kabinet. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

1998 – Saint Petersburg Neoacademist Photography. Museum Foreign Art, Riga

1998 – Seven Lines to the Inch. Aidan Gallery, Moscow

1998 – New Possitive Processes. State Russian Museum/State Hermitage, Saint Petersburg

2000 - Successors of Sparta. Synebruchoff Art Museum, Helsinki

2001-2002 – Beauty and Eritism. Gallery Gasunie, Groningem

2003 – The Snowqueen’s Way: Egor Ostrov and Belyaev Gintovt. New academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg

2003 – New Academists. Look Art Gallery, London

2004 – Depth of Field: Egor Ostrov and Arno Brecker. D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg

2007 – Positive Process. State Center for Photography, Saint Petersburg

2007 – Image and Sign. D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg

2007 - Sign and Image. Attelier No.2, Moscow

2008 – String Theory.  State Academy of Fine Art, Moscow

2011 – Immodern Art (with Elena Ulantseva) Knop’s Castle, Moscow

2011-2012 – New Academy. Ekaterina Art Foundation. Moscow.

2012- “In The Flow” , ArtMost Founddation. London