Art works sale and acquisition

ArtMost provides professional advice and execution support if you decide to buy or sell works of art.

We will help you to:
Identify best artists and select remarkable works of art
ArtMost offers clients professional advice and recommendations so they could make informed choices when building their
collections or selling art works in the most rewarding way
Find art you are looking for
ArtMost looks for the best works available, whether found in galleries, dealers, auction houses or private collections
Get most precise valuations and estimates
ArtMost gets the most prominent art industry experts to provide advice regarding value, authenticity and art object condition
Successfully finalize acquisition or sale
ArtMost represents clients anonymously in acquiring and selling works of art in the auction houses or through dealers. Our clients
are guided through the whole process of purchasing or selling work of art, including legal issues, insurance, and shipment
Arrange proper storage, safekeeping and insurance coverage
When a new work of art joins a collection, it is important to ensure favourable conditions for the best preservation of the work of art.
Conservation of contemporary art is of special issue due to unusual materials and techniques often involved in creation of the objects.