Private collections management

Collection management is one of ArtMost core skills. It integrates all our advisory services into a unique solution so
clients could enjoy personalised advice, professional guidance and immediate response in any situation.

ArtMost helps you to build your art collection by providing recommendations and access to the best art experts. We
take care of the whole acquisition or sale process including legal issues, insurance, and shipment. By entrusting the on-going management of your art collections with us, you can be sure that you get maximum efficiency at all stages.

• Cataloguing

ArtMost will organize a logical catalogue with descriptive and informative entries on each item to monitor current state

of the objects, keep an up-to-date record of all the changes and additions in the collection and make decisions on
further acquisitions
• Valuation
ArtMost will get expert appraisals on individual works of art or entire collection for the purposes of insurance evaluation,
estate disposals, etc
• Market Placement
ArtMost will define the attractiveness of your collection on the market, identify the most prominent works in terms of
aesthetic quality and current market value